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Would You Like A Work At Home Job?

Would you like your work based from home? Are you tired of the commute? Maybe a wife that would like to stay at home, or do you want to be a stay at home mom? Or a College student an online opportunity, or business can be the answer to that needed income.

Are you asking your self how do I find a legitimate work at home job, work at home opportunity or my own business online? Do you want to make some extra money online or are you looking for an online job, Surveys, or Home Typing opportunities are a good place to look.

Paid Surveys

If you select Surveys online you will not be working for the Survey Company you are working for marketing companies that are in need of your opinion for helping them make marketing decisions. Marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry. The input of consumers is very important and you can get paid for it. Earn  $2 for 5 minutes of your time and some as much as $125 per survey. Your income will be based on the number of paid surveys completed, and type of survey done. Some survey companies offer paid surveys, awards, products or even a combination of these as incentives to do their surveys. You will not have to sell, or build a web site. Online surveys are a good part time income that some people have turned into a full time at home job. The more surveys you do the better the surveys you will receive. Remember to sign up for as many companies as your Survey Company represents then you will need to  weed out the ones that do not work for you. Companies maybe looking for certain age groups, male, female, health, income, or other requirements to meet their survey needs.

Data Entry

If you select Data Entry you will not be working for a company like Data Proz or Data Entry you are actually working for online companies that need you to help spread the word on their products, and ides for name recognition and increased profits. No website required and no selling. Basic computer and keyboard skills and the ability to follow simple instructions are the only requirements.

However I can no longer find Data Entry Opportunities from reliable sources, sources I actually trust. I myself tried one and got ripped off. So my guess is that Data Entry has been wiped off the map. In my experience you had to run your own adds to make the money. If you want to try to make money with ad words or websites I would recommend IMC or the Rich Jerk, which is the thing data entry companies have you do.

Home Typing

IF you are a basic or advanced typist, typing at home may be the answer. We can recommend only one company however there may be others. However Type at Home, a 7 -year -old debt free service company is the one we found. They provide marketing and research companies with quality label transcription and compiling services. Type at Home services is done with the assistance of National and International home typists. No web site required and no selling. Requirements are basic, keyboard and computer skills the ability to type, follow instruction and complete assignments. Income $50 to $400 per assignment completed. Kind of like doing homework for school, only you make money this time.

The Survey Companies or Typing at Home means you are now working for an employer who lets you work at home or anywhere you want as long as you have a working computer. You are your own boss, setting your own hours from a few hours a week ,or a full time income. If you like to work in the mornings or sleep till noon its your call. Have lunch with that special person or friend, get to classes, and get the homework done, pick up the kids, go to sports, or do the shopping. You Are the Boss. You set the hours in the morning, afternoon, night, today, tomorrow, or next week you’re the boss. The more time you spend the more you will make you will get out of it what you put in The longer you work your opportunity, or opportunities the better you will be, but its your online money making opportunity, or opportunities as many people work more than one because they are so compatible.

To Your Financial Success
Nancy Nikolauson
Splendid to Home

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