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What Is 1ST Promotion PRO2

1ST Promotion PRO2 is a ClickBank® Mall that offers a multiple income generating website that require no design and no maintenance and offers the potential of high earnings and profits even for beginners. It is customizable and SEO friendly giving you the opportunity to use free traffic tactics.

1stPromotion Pro2 Is The Only ClickBank Mall To Harness The Power Of YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, Squidoo, Twitter And Dozens Of Other Sites To Flood Your Site with targeted buyers and SEO links that search engines like Google crave!

Developed by Ron and Rick Davies who are Internet entrepreneur they designed this Online program for the newbie as well as the advanced Internet Marketer.

Want to get started now Click Here!

Rick Davies is so sure of the 1ST Promotion PRO2 Internet program that he provides a direct phone number from (9 am to 5 pm EST) and will personally speek to you. He dares you to find another Internet Marketer that will make themselves this accessible!

With 1ST Promotion PRO2 ClickBank® Mall you will be a member for a LIFE. All the tools in the member’s toolbox will be available to you, these tools will help you reach your financial goals! Each one is fully customizable to YOUR IDENTITY and YOUR ClickBank nickname.

You get paid for all the products you sell on your website or search box and you earn 60% commissions on all Pro2 memberships that you refer.

Remember no matter how good the program, real income on the web takes work. However their moto is-

"Let us take you by the hand & show you step-by-step, exactly how to create multiple sources of income & start to make money online today...
even if you don't own a website!"
-- Rick W Davies

Get Started TODAY! The only difference between you and anyone else currently making money in Internet Marketing is that they took the first step and took action. Click Here!

1ST Promotion PRO2 ClickBank® Mall comes with a no-questions asked 60-day 100% Money-Back Guarantee giving you time to try it out with the assurance that you have 60 days to find out if Internet Marketing and this program are for you.

1ST Promotion PRO2 ClickBank® Mall gives you the ability to promote 4,500 products+ all in one place or you can customize it for your niche or by product catagories it is up to you. You can incorporate so many affiliate programs, it is easy to customize and configure this site to meet the market you want.

Ron and Rick Davies highlight and identify promotion methods to suit any budget from free promotion, pay-per-click and a wide variety of other paid promotion methods for increased web traffic = money.

Customization of each professional looking PRO2 ClickBank® Mall site is accomplished through a simple interface in the 1stPromotion Pro2 member's area. With a simple click here and a click there you can select the products you wish to display and promote through your website. No html knowlege is required the WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor makes it easy for you even if you have no html knowledge or previous web-experience and it will look like a real pro did it. Making this program Newbie friendly and really easy for the advance Affiliate Internet Marketer. You will find a library of products in the Member's Area to select from. As simple as using a word-processing program like Micro Soft Word, you can add graphics, text, tables, your own logo and more to your site.

Even "Super Affiliates" like Mike Filsaime uses it!

Get started with your own affiliate mall and collect up to 75% commishion with each sale! Click Here!

There is also a search engine friendly package that gives you control of your stores name, page title, page content, links, graphics, products and affiliate programs, meta tags and meta description for SEO(search engineen opptomization).

You will even be shown how to optimize your site so the search engines actually gobble up your content and help you to get listed fast on the search engines so you can get web traffic = money.

Other custom features about the PRO2 ClickBank® Mall is the ability to input custom information including site owner, contact information, Google AdSense serving and selecting color templates.

Domain name registration & web hosting is provided however you have the option of handling it yourself selecting your own domain name and web hosting. Rick W Davies will also Help You Get It, And Set It Up FREE!*
* Some conditions apply.

There is a Auto responder System Built Right Into Your PRO2 ClickBank® Mall, the Complete ClickBank® Guru Series is Programmed in and Instantly Set-Up And Ready To Make You Money it is fully automated. The PLUS! Is You Can Build Your Own List Of Prospects With the Built-In Auto responder and Harvest Your Prospects At Any Time Giving You a built in E-Mail List! Get yours today Click Here!

The 1ST Promotion PRO2 program comes with a Step-by-step guide for success, your own customizable online store stuffed with thousands of the hottest selling products and best selling programs available on the web. You get paid up to Up To 75% Commission (or more) From A Single Customizable Website Portal on each and every sale! You do not have to handle or ship anything because all products are instantly delivered over the web straight from the vendor to the buyer!

Michael Rasmussen owner of BulletProof Marketing, Inc. said "After surveying my most successful SUPER affiliates, it was found that many were using the 1stPromotion System. So he even decided to sign-up and see for himself firsthand how it functioned. Since then it's become such an important source of his income. Want your own Click Here!

If there are products On ClickBank® you would rather Not Promote? No Problem! With Your PRO2 ClickBank® Mall you can choose to display the full search ClickBank® Mall, a Simple Search Box or even use the No Search Feature.

As a 1stPromotion PRO2 ClickBank® Mall system owner, you have total control to modify, update, add or delete any or even all products, images or affiliate programs and change the complete content of your website any time you want.

The 1stPromotion Pro2 System is the ONLY ClickBank mall and income system that is specifically targeted to allow you to optimize your site for SEO (search engineen opptomization) and free traffic. From the Member's Area, you can select your store name, page name, meta tags, meta description and website content to assist you in achieving favorable search engine placement and a perpetual flow of targeted traffic (potential customers) to your store. Do not forget the Built-in Autoresponder System that helps you automatically Build Your List.

Each member of Pro2 receives immediate access to the Income Accelerator Guide. The Income Accelerator Guide is broken down into Immediate, Intermediate and Long Term Action plans to make money with your Pro2 site. This action plan tells you how you can start driving a constant flow of product-hungry customers, wallet in hand to your store today and keep them coming back for more! Plus you get your own copy of The "Idiot's Guide To Web Marketing", the definitive handbook of the experts in affiliate marketing. This HUGE 306-page ebook covers just about everything you wanted to know about web marketing....and then some! The "Idiot's Guide To Web Marketing" sells every day for $47.00, but it is yours free when you join. This powerful guide outlines the same methods of promotion that Ron and Rick Davies use every day to promote their own sites. want it Click Here!

Using the methods outlined in the Income Accelerator Guide you can made money the very first day!

Here’s how it works:

You will be a member for LIFE, you can put all the tools in the member’s toolbox to work for YOU! Each one is fully customizable to YOUR IDENTITY and YOUR ClickBank nickname.

No site looks the same even if there where thousands of other 1stPromotion websites out there?

This is not a "cookie cutter" site that is why we recommend this program. The search engines at Google will not penalizes you because your site will be unque giving you the opportunity to get a good search engine position.

You earn commissions from all the products sold through your site or search box and you earn 60% commissions on all Pro2 memberships that you sell.

You will be provided with tools in the member’s toolbox, Each one is fully customizable to YOUR IDENTITY and YOUR ClickBank nickname.

As a PRO2 ClickBank® Mall system owner, you have total control to modify, update, add or delete any product, image or affiliate program. The content of your site is changable Any Time You Want!

The great PRO2 System requires no experience, it is definatly Internet Newbie friendly! It is so easy to use that even if all you know how to do is type a simple email, you can click your way to building your own customized super-powerful, fully-automated ClickBank® Affiliate income machine. Get Your now Click Here!

You do not have to have a website already You are given your own unique web address to promote and profit from.

You break out of the boring turnkey look and feel of those cookie cutter sites that seem to clutter the web. Not only do you have total control over the look and feel of your site, but you also have total control over;

  1. * ALL of the content; (Text and images)
  2. * ALL of the Meta Tags; (That direct the search engines on your site)
  3. * ALL of the products; (actual product images and descriptions at the click of your mouse)
  4. * ALL of the affiliate programs on your website that you have selected.

Sell Thousands Of Downloadable Products - Over 4,500 Products And Services To Be Precise From Just ClickBank® Alone makes it easy to make money online and because its the Internet it works 24/7. But you can do it part time.

You Can Profit Up To 75% Commissions - On Each & Every Sale You MakeTo ALL Visitors!

You have Nothing to Stock Or Ship! The Vendor Delivers The Product To Your Customer.

You Do No Have To Dealing With Your Customers The Vendor Handles It All.

Want To Suggest A Product To Be Featured On Your Site Do It - Give Instant Exposure To ANY Product On ALL Of THE 1ST Promotion PRO2 Member's Sites If You Want.

With This Program You Can Promote An Unlimited Number Of Affiliate Programs and You Get Paid Commission On All Affiliate Sales Through Your Site! Start now Click Here!

If you love the idea of putting ClickBank® and optionally over 2 dozen other affiliate systems like SFI, IMC, PBP and more to work for you, but do not wish to promote certain products or product categories, the Pro2 System is the answer for you! It is totally customizable even to product catagory. You want to promote gardening, business opportunities, what do you want do it your way.

Want to Suggest An Affiliate Program To Be Featured On Your Site. Give Instant Exposure To ANY Affiliate Program Through ALL Of The 1ST Promotion PRO2O Member's Sites!

The-Self-Hosted Option Maximizes Your Potential! To take total control and optimize your search engine ranking potential use their self-hosted option.

Want To Use Your Own Domain Name & Hosting?

Ron and Rick Davies will Help You Get It, And Set It Up FREE!*
* Some conditions apply.

Don't know how to optimize your site? NO PROBLEM, Ron and Rick Davies will give you access to some of the best tips and techniques out there so you can get your site as high as possible in the search engines, meaning you could get HUGE traffic from the search engines, every day free and traffic is money!

You get a free Auto responder System Built Right Into your ClickBank Mall Image. With Ron and Rick Davies Complete ClickBank® Guru Series Preprogrammed in and Instantly Set-Up And ready to Make You Money automatically every time someone opts in. PLUS! You will be Building Your Own List Of Prospects With the Built-In Auto responder and you can Harvest Your Prospects At Any Time!

You will have access to Unlimited Cut and Paste Banners and Search Box Plug-Ins. The Simple Cut and Paste 1stPromotion Search Box can also be used on other sites You Own. Each Search Plug-In Gives Your Visitors Instant Access To Thousands of Downloadable Products From ClickBank® giving you more opportunities to profit. Want to get started Click Here!

Search Engine Friendly! Great For SEO - (Search Engine Optimization) You As A Member Set Your Own controls. The Pro2 Site;

  1. # Comes with over 2 dozen affiliate system ID's;Just add or remove at your desire.
  2. # Page title;
  3. # Store name;
  4. # Page content;
  5. # Color scheme;
  6. # All links;
  7. # Graphics & Images;
  8. # Products;
  9. # Affiliate programs;
  10. # Meta keyword tags;
  11. # Meta description tags;
  12. # and much, much more

No Need For Webmastering Skills It's Been Done For You and Its Automated So No Need for Special html Skills!

No Monthly Maintenance Fees. (Self-Hosted Requires Applicable Hosting Fees Under $10.00 a Month)

The Comprehensive Tutorials and Videos Make It Easy To Use! You have a Built-in training theater right in your own account that tutors you in audio/visual movies and Adobe Acrobat! Its easy to get started Click Here!

Also the 1stPromotion PRO2 ClickBank® Mall comes with a no-questions asked 60-day 100% Money Back Guarantee giving you time to try it out with the assurance that you have 60 days to find out if Internet Marketing and this program are for you.

A home business that fits YOUR lifestyle!!
Set our own hours
NO selling, home parties, or deliveries
Free training, website and support a win win for you!
Amazing opportunity for affiliate profits, do not pass this UP!!

How can you possibly go wrong with so many quality streams of income? You simply can not! Rick and Ron Davies have done the work to ensure that every 1stPromotion Pro2 owner will make money by participating in this unique system if you do as they recommend. The technology is top-notch and is a proven system take advantage of this excellent system as soon as you can and start promoting it. It just converts so easily...

Get your own 1stPromotion PRO2 ClickBank® Mall Now! Click Here!

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