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Whats So Good About Michael Cheney and Who Is He Anyway?

Michael Cheney has a British accent and has been involved in Internet Marketing since 1995. Now a highly successful Intenternet Marketer he is considered by many to be a guru do not get turned off by this term read on. He started his carreer after graduating working for ExonMobil one of the worlds largest oil companies. Then he says "he became a lazy, layabout looser doing drink and drugs. Living in a stinking one bed apartment, his life was going nowhere in debt and struggling just to get by. Nothing he was doing online was working and he was getting depressed."

Three years later in 1998 he was in the Online Millionaires' Club. He is now no longer addicted to drugs, alchohol nor cigarettes. He is now a well respected teacher, mentor and speaker on internet marketing. His expertees range from newbie training too Affiliate Marketing, search engine opptomization, PayPer Click, other traffic stratagies along with these he offers many other well done produces on Internet Marketing. Michael Cheney has been interviewed on National and International media such as CNBC’s “Power Lunch”, NBC, BBC Radio, The Daily Mirror, The Daily Telegraph, ComputerActive and many others media networks. Michael Cheney has also shared his marketing knowledge with thousands of people in seminars all over the world so he does have the credentials. He has been building and marketing websites since 1995 and now makes six figures PER MONTH online harnessing the power of free traffic (He does not spend one red cent on advertising).

Well I will agree to one thing he is a top notch teacher with products that include training videos, audio and writen material that takes the guess work out of the how do I do this? He has a down to earth easy to understand step by step training program that is like having your own personal teacher. No more questions about you say to do this but how? I'm not computer literat! His Internet Millions is the easiest program I have ever gotten and I have checked out a lot of them. How I wish I had products like the no cost "Nebies Guide To Making Money Online" and Michaels Traffic Videos or his other easy to understand products when I first started out. If you are just geting started in an internet business or you are struggeling or think you may have missed a step his products give you the answers. Michael Cheney provides you with the necessary instruction and information on the tools you need to market a product on the internet and make money. I personally signed up for a program that was suppost to provide traing as well as a couch at the cost of $5000. After I got started I found this program run by two well known Internet marketers leaving the product developement as well as marketing research and anything else up to me. My coach even told me there was no money in the area of their own products! Then they pointed me to eBay which was not the direction I wanted.Then when we told him eBay was not our direction he said find a niche. Then our coaching sessions amounted too go here, get this and call when you have it all together or email me but there was no step by step or even a real how. They are Internet millionairs they are now offering sound tracks and call in training with the course. Well Michael Cheney's products are not like that he breaks it down for you step by step and decreases your learning curve. He has a well respected name in the Internet marketing field and that has been rightfully earned. Michael Cheney is also the founder of Seniority.co.uk a very popular senior social website he started in 2000. He is the author of Affiliate Millions, Michaels Traffic Videos,Michael Cheneys AdSense Videos , "Start Your Profits Today",Cash Creators and Traffic Tactics.

Michael Cheney also has a consultancy business Magnet4web he started offering his expertise and ingenuous skills to individuals and businesses helping them build their onlie profit margins. He has stated that just receiving website traffic and higher search engine rankings does not necessarily yield profits, that you must convert traffic into sales. It is his desire to help those who desire to become Internet marketers with the instruction and tools they need to become sucessful. Michael Cheney also does reviews on other internet marketers, their products and systems giving his opinion on whether or not he beleives the products will work or not as represented. Michael Cheney offers video tutorials for newbies and those Internet marketers desiring more from their Internet business. The tutoriels cover subjects such as starting your own website, web traffic, how to get high rankings in the search engines, the heart of marketing success, search engine secrets just to name a few. Michael Cheney does provide a lot of great information, marketing tips and tools of the trade which are so needed and helpful to anyone looking to become successful on the Interenet I definitely recommend him. One of Michaels approaches is to give you true content and easy to fallow instructions!

His Products and Discriptions:

Affiliate Millions

Michael Cheney's a true teacher and coach he provides step-by-step Videos, Audio And Transcripts instructions that are straight forward and so easy to follow. Affiliate Millions truly is a fantastic startup guide or for those feeling like a newbie and are fedup with confusing lingo and complicated instructions. Unlock the SECRET to affiliate marketing a whole world of cash, vacations and cool gifts. Click Here!

"Start Your Profits Today"

A course geard to Newbies in Internet Marketing Michael Cheneys shows you how to start making money FREE with access to special Video training and reports where you will discover some of the most potent and powerful tactics he has used to generate fortunes online. ClicK Here

Michaels Traffic Videos

Michael Cheney has learned how too harnessing the power of free traffic (He does not spend one red cent on advertising) and makes a six figure PER MONTH online income doing it! This course has 50 step-by-step videos that will teach you how to drive traffic to your website like crasey! Click Here!

Michael Cheneys AdSense Videos

Michael Cheneys AdSense Videos are a Best Seller. With these Step-by-step AdSense Videos Michael reveals how you can profit using AdSense ! Start your profits with AdSense Click Here!

Cash Creators

In just 5 minutes Michael Cheney shows you how to begin increasing your ClickBank commissions and put them on autopilot.

If you have your squeeze page or mini-site all setup. You're getting traffic and people are signing up but you agonize over what to sell and what to write about on your blog and in your newsletter. The blank computer screen stares at you expecting a response, but your eyes glaze over and your brain begins thinking of whats on TV. You get up for a snack, settle in and forget you were going to write those killer emails or blog posts so you can make some money? Then this program is for you! and Click Here! ..

Traffic Tactics

Increase Your Website Traffic, Explode Your Sales Volumes, And Get More Targeted Prospects...
Michael Cheney reveals 750 Quick & Easy, Totally Unique Tactics To Building Your Website Traffic... Starting Today!"
This Is A Must Have For Anyone With A Website: Apply These Little Known Tactics For Maximum Impact And See Your Web Visitor Stats Hit Through The Roof, Sales Records Increase, And Put A Strain On Your Autoresponder With The Hot Flow Of Leads! Click Here!.


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