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Top Ways To Advertise Your Web Site

You may also be interested in exploring professional web site promotion or web advertising options. Here are some web sites that help you get started:

  1. Internet Marketing Center
  2. Web Marketing Today WilsonWeb
  3. YAHOO! Search Marketing (formerly Overture)
  4. ClickZ Network- Solutions for Marketers

Another way to market your site is to visit other web sites that are directed toward your target market. Most mature web sites offer lists of links to related sites and are happy to add your new site to their list, however some require a fee. Look for an email contact address that is usually placed at the bottom of web pages, or a box located at the top or bottom of a website, marked Links. There are group you can join to exchange links but beware of link farms as Google and other do not allow this.

After you have made your name selection and purchased it from a Domain Name seller and you have selected a hosting company you will need to design or use a created web site. You can make a website easily trough a company like Google Page Creator and Goldphoria. You can have it up in an hour or so. Or you can use some free design sites. Your next task is very important to your success you will need to inform people it exists. This can be done by telling your friends, and family, but this is not going to get you very far. You can manually enter it into the Internet Search Engine database companies like Google, Yahoo, MSN and others. It is really important to publicize it to the world through search engines. This task can also be done manually or through a search engine submitting company. You can also include your web address to your site (the URL or Uniform Resource Locator) on flyers, brochures, articles, ezines, Blogs, and even your license plate. You can also add the URL to your email signature file so that it is included on all email messages that you send.

When publicizing your web address, be sure to display it exactly as it appears in your web browser.

  1. Do not change the case. exp: http://www.hope.com, then Http://www.HoPe.com. Both urls are are different
  2. Include the http:// part of the address.
  3. Place your web address on a separate line by itself.
  4. Do not use punctuation of any sort around your web address.
  5. Punctuation such as, ( ), " ", or even a . at the end, is often mistaken as being part of the address.

For example, here's how to display the URL (web address) for this page: http://www.onlineprofitmarketing.com

The best way to advertise your site is on the web itself. You should submit your web site to the many Internet Search Engine databases. A few search engines provide free online registration of new web sites; look for a Add New Site button We have developed a list of the more popular Search Engines and also tried to identify ones which are directed towards the medical/health community, see: Internet Search Engines

Here's some examples:
  1. Google- Add your URL to Google
  2. YAHOO! - How to Suggest Your Site
  3. Advertise Online with MSN
  4. Submit your site to MSN Search
  5. dmoz - Open Directory Project: How to suggest a site to the Open Directory
  6. Alta Vista- Basic Submit A Site

You may also like to try a web site submittal service. These companies collect a subscription fee for their service, but they do offer some free services.

To learn more about search engines visit:
  1. http://www.searchengineguide.com/
  2. http://searchenginewatch.com/

Note: As you prepare the description of your site for submission to a search engine, read the instructions carefully! Some search engines will list the email, phone number, and even mailing address that you have provided. Links are an important part of search engine ranking algorithms. Many webmasters responded by joining link farms and stuffing their sites with as many links as possible. But all links are not created equal. In fact, bad linking strategies may get you banned from some engines.

Beware OF Link Farms

A link farm consists of sites that link to other sites for the sole purpose of increasing their link popularity score. This differs from perfectly valid links to sites with related information, sites that participate in link farming contain links to totally unrelated sites. This practice is also referred to as link stuffing.

Google hates link farms and labels the links they generate as spam. In fact, Google hates them so much that some sites get removed from their index if they are affiliated with link farms. Spooked, some webmasters are considering removing all outbound links from their sites.

Removal of all outbound links or fear of having links is an overreaction that decreases your sites value to visitors and hurts the Web in general because cross-linking is a basic tenet of the Internet. Links are encouraged , however they need to relate to your website. This is the reason link farms are considered useful for content by website visitors.

If your site is devoted for sports equipment and you include links to players and teams, other fan sites, and links to stores that handle sport clothes this is not a link farm. Google and others consider this as useful information to your visitors.

However signing up with a link service company that promises to generate hundreds of inbound links to your site only if you agree to add hundreds of outbound links in return without relevancy control, that is when you have planted a link farm. Instead of linking to related information of value to your visitors, you may be sending them to sites about unrelated subjects, topics and possible adult content sites.

Search engines have gotten wise to these techniques and are taking a hard line against them. Google has also warned against "artificial linkage" (translation: link farms and link stuffing) and warns that if you link to spam sites, Google's algorithm may penalize your site. AltaVista's spam policy warns that sites may be deleted from the index if they "contain only links to other pages. Inktomi's editorial guidelines warn against "excessively cross-linking sites to inflate a site's apparent popularity."

Search engines will not penalize you for good links, however they have become very good at recognizing bogus links. They have become very quick to punish sites that try to spam them with unrelated links. Be sure your linking strategy is related to sites that offer content, products, and services that will be of help and interest to your visitors.

Linking Strategy Done Right

It is not difficult to make your site relevant with links.

First: Link to those sites that are very close to your sites topic. This makes your site of vaue to your visitors. Keeping a coherent theme throughout your site will also help your visitors find the information they are looking for.

Second: Beware of automated linking programs and automated programs that contact web masters for you through e-mail. You are much better off contacting web masters directly. Just drop him a line informing him of your desire to exchange links and how you found his site, whey you want to exchange links, also include how it is of advantage to him.

Third: It is to your advantage to make a page for linking purposes. Put your links in content. Links that include keywords and page content are of more value. Content links are used by search engines in ranking the contents and importance of the links context.

Four: Try to find/ identify a page where a link to your site goes along with the content of that pages keywords or content. Then right down the exact location when you ask for a link. Two things will happen it will help build the relevancy rating of the webmasters page and also shows the webmaster that you actually checked out his site.

A good linking strategy will help increase your Web site ranking. This will help increase your visitors as they search for products and information. The search engine spiders will gobble up your content and your ranking will increase. If you become really good at this you will not need to spend time chasing after good links, they will come looking for you. Search traffic will increase and you will not need to spend as much on pay per click and other forms of advertising to get the same results.

To Your Financial Success
Nancy Nikolauson
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