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Making Money Online With the Clickbank Marketplace

In 1998 ClickBank was founded, today ClickBank has become one of the top Internet retailers for digitally delivered products. ClickBank has its headquarters in Boise, Idaho under Click Sales Inc. and they are a subsidiary of Keynetics™ Inc. If you are wanting a home business opportunity, then find out how to sell digital products through clickbank such as: eBooks, software, or sell a product you created yourself. ClickBank is a real way to make money on the Internet.

ClickBank has over 100,000 affiliates who help sell the digital products made available by their 10,000 product publishers, and you can be one of them. This has made ClickBank a global leader in sales of digital goods online. This also gives you the marketer a wide variety of products to offer, or specialize in. For those of you who are looking for an outlet for your already existing digital product, or are desiring to make a eBook, or software  product ClickBank can be your answer for a place to market them.

Each day, ClickBank completes nearly 20,000 orders daily, and growing. These sales come  from more than 200 countries around the world. ClickBank.com is consistently ranked as one of the most highly trafficked sites on the Internet. You can even earn commissions by selling ClickBank products on your own web site. If you want to sell a ClickBank product all you need do is sign up as an affiliate (how to below).

If you are an experienced  Internet marketer, or if you want to try developing these skills on your own this is a free service. Your commission can be as high as 75% of a sale. ClickBank offers you a reliable and accurate tracking service for free that gives you credit for your sales through successful marketing strategies.

They also manage the publisher relationships, so when a product is sold by you, you always get paid what you are owed. This service is also to the advantage of the eBook, and software developer. As you do not need to  be concerned about paying affiliates their commissions, ClickBank does it for you. As a ClickBank product provider, you have the right to decide on how much commission you are willing to offer affiliates who actively market and promote your product. ClickBank's sophisticated affiliate tracking systems will accurately award commissions and pay affiliates on your behalf. And the best part is, after a small one time  fee, you only pay if there is a sale, and because of the high traffic and visibility offered you can benefit financially from the world wide sales.

One of the many advantages ClickBank has for the buyer as a customers is the safe, efficient, and direct purchase process. This check out process offers your customers a wide variety of payment options making it easy and convenient on the purchaser. ClickBank as your sales representative offers friendly customer service, as well as a guarantees of satisfaction even after the sale. This gives you the seller, or the provider a good reputation as well.

ClickBank states that they provide state of the art security, robust tracking and reporting, superior customer service, and that they have NEVER missed a scheduled payment for the publishers (eBook or software developer) or affiliates since its establishment in 1998. ClickBank focus on quality, security, and innovation. This has established ClickBank as a leader among online retailers.

ClickBank calls the person or company that creates digital products that are sold on the ClickBank Marketplace a Publisher. This is because Publishers of digital products are similar in product to a author that writes a book and sell it in a retail book store. The main difference is that ClickBank sells your products online using the ClickBank system.

Here is the step-by-step process for getting setup as a ClickBank publisher (software, eBook developer):

  1. Sign Up with ClickBank - it can takes less than 2 minutes
  2. Design a "Pitch Page" to promote and sell your product
  3. Design a "Thank-You Page" to deliver your product and thank customers

  4. Test the links from your product pages to ClickBank
  5. Requesting Publisher Approval (usually takes two to three days)
  6. Pay the one time $49.95 Activation Charge
  7. Go Live, start selling online at ClickBank!
  8. Connect with the Free ClickBank affiliate Network to Optimize Your Sales
  9. Before getting started you need to read and agree to their Client Contract.
  10. There are strict codes of conduct, as well as types of products you can not offer.
  11. Click here to get started as a product Publisher.

For the person who want to be a ClickBank Affiliate and, sell these products you can use a website you already have, or design a new one. You can use a company that sets up a website for you, selects products or helps you select those products that are known to sell. Then teaches you how to market the ClickBank products.

To Your Financial Success
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