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SMC Who Are They?

You have seen the SMC spokes person Tom Bosley who is from the classic TV show "Happy Days", talking to you about the SMC money making home opportunity helping people realize their American Dream. The question is, who is SMC and what do they have to offer? About Sixty years ago Abe Levine started Specialty Merchandise Corporation better known as SMC. Abe Levine’s concept was to build a company that would be a large supplier of general merchandise, and gift ware for others to sell in their own businesses. Abe Levine wanted a company that instead of his own sales force would involve people into a business where they would profit by selling his products and be their own boss.

Its a business model that has been tried, and tested thousands of times...
And it works like a charm! This business has made many a six figure income a year, and helped others to financial freedom. Many of these people started with a FREE SMC information packet.

Abe Levine believed that people generally work much harder, and put a maximum effort into sales when they are the ones making the money. And why not? Members of SMC benefit from this vision by being their own boss, taking all the profits, getting tax breaks, and for many earning wealth from the comfort of their own home.

For some like Nina Merikan its $20,000 or $30,000 a year, or in the case of Finnn Sheisvoll it is becoming a mail order millionaire.

Many enjoy the financial freedom of self-employment with the SMC home business. Today the vision Abe Levine had for SMC has been expanded through the power of the Internet. People like you everyday are earning full time incomes, that extra money needed every month, or just putting extra cash in their pockets.

"If you think old dogs can't learn new tricks...don't believe it!" says Charles Scholtes. "I'm 71, had triple by-pass surgery and...if Specialty Merchandise Corporation (SMC) hadn't come along...I might have just been sitting in a rocking chair waiting for Gabriel to come and get me. Instead, I get up on Saturdays and Sundays, eat breakfast and head off to the local Bazaar to set up shop with quality products supplied by SMC! By that evening I'm on my way home with enough profits to support our travels in our 34 foot Pace Arrow Motor Home." Charles says. "I've been told I have the largest selection of eagles in the Pocono Mountain Area. I tried a variety of items but find, for me, this is my niche...and I now even have a toll-free number!

Get your FREE SMC information package

on how to make money with SMC.

You could take control of your own life

  1. No More Boss
  2. No More Rush Hour Traffic
  3. No More 6 AM Starts, Swing Shifts, or Night Shifts Unless You want Them
  4. No More Begging For a Raise
  5. No More Beginning For A Day Off
  6. or You can do it part time, bring in that extra money every month
  7. Pay off Bills
  8. Put Money In The Bank
  9. Take Vacations

Its Up To You

Whether you are single or married, a mom or a dad, or a college student this at home business opportunity /or in a store front business has enabled many to have their dreams come true.

Mario Sanchez, who now owns 3 stores selling Specialty Merchandise Corporation (SMC), products: "I was working as a waiter like 5 or 6 years ago. I saw an infomercial of SMC...I went to a swap meet and started with a little table...In one day I sold over $1000."

Get your FREE

SMC information package on how to make money with SMC.

What Does SMC Do For You?

With SMC you get the backing of a very large company that has been around for over 60 years, and is in good standing with The Better Business Bureau as of this writing September 2009. They offer you over 3000 different produces to sell. They have a large corporate office headquarters in Simi Valley, CA. The SMC address is 996 Flower Glen Street, Simi Valley, CA 93065.

As a SMC member you have access to the thousands of top selling products and new products are added frequently. They are offering special Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas products and catalogs. They offer these specialty items as well as their regular SMC products to you at, or below wholesale price giving you the opportunity to make 100% to a 300% profit.

The Profit Is ALL Yours!

No face to face selling is require because you can use the Internet to sell items. SMC will build you a SMC website. You can also build your own website or have someone else do it for you.

Your member’s web site is up dated for free, as new products are made available, or you can have someone else up load the pictures to your website or you can do it yourself.

Like to sell a tangible product you actually can see, and handle no problem. With SMC you can make small orders or big orders, sell from your home or store front. It is up to you on how you run your business. No Franchise Required, SMC is not a Franchise company this gives you the right to sell another companies products if you wish, right along with your SMC products. This freedom of merchandising means you can specialize in SMC products or add other products, it is your business you make the calls and you get 100% of the profit.

You can even call in your orders using SMC's toll free number.

Your order will be delivered to you or to your customer, and SMC will deliver it with your name or your company name on the order so your customers do not know that SMC is where it came from, usually within 24-48 hours. Get your Free SMC information packet now.

As a SMC Member You Get

  1. A FREE Business Coach = for the first 60 days to help you get started in your moneymaking opportunity.
  2. A FREE Business Advisory Service available for an unlimited time.
  3. SMC will help you set up an account so you can accept credit cards from
     your customers, making purchasing easy.

Full color catalogs are available that can also be personalized with your name, or the name of you business, or left blank and filled in later. These catalogs are all inclusive, specialty, or Holiday specialized depending on your marketing desires. There is even a special price list you can use to help your friends, co-workers, Church members, or others make extra money and you can profit as well.

Remember If you have any doubts, or questions regarding the SMC program after becoming a member you can always take advice from your FREE Personal Business Coach for (60 days). The Free Advisory Service, for an unlimited times, to get advise or solve your problems.

Your order will be delivered to you or your customer, UNDER YOUR NAME, within 24-48 hours and delivered with in 24 to 48 hours usually.

Remember the SMC business concept is they makes money when you make money so they are there to help you make money.

With your membership in SMC you will receive your FREE Copy of “Success Through Specialty Merchandising"

  1. The top ten marketing programs
  2. How to put them into practice in your business opportunity.
  3. Real life success stories of SMC members, and the top selling products.

Major ways of selling SMC over the Internet are:

  1. Open your own Online Store or Web Site for the product line you want to sell
  2. Selling on eBay is one way of generating income for more information on Make Money With eBayClick Here!"> Click Here!

  3. Sell your product online from one large store type site or specialty website.

You can specialize in products for Home decorating,things for girls, boys, men, women,Dolls, Wolf's or other items its up to you. Maybe specialty products from a country, products based on your personal interest, or things people you know, work with or live around might be interested in. This is a good start. think about it, brain storm with others (This just means what can they think of, what are their interests, what do they think others might like.)

For off line selling you can sell from your Home, Festivals,local Bazaar, Fairs, Flea Markets, or Street Vendor, open Your Own Shop, just to name a few ways to market SMC products. You can even have your own store or booth specializing in $10 Dollar items, $35 and Under, or what ever you want to name it or how you want to market it. You can have home shows, sell at flea markets, sell from your home, a Kiosk, use your imagination. If you Have an existing business or website adding SMC products can bring in additional money and the income is yours.

So, you want to be your own boss Want more money?
All you need is opportunity, and action.
You have the ambition. SMC is the opportunity
Now Take The Action and click "SMC Free Information"

If you have dreams, and desires of being successful you will have to work for them. SMC is a perfectly legitimate business, and it is very possible to make serious money! After all they have been around for over 60 years, making the American dream come true for many.

  1. SMC provides the products
  2. No warehousing needed
  3. SMC will build you a website for your Internet selling
  4. If you want products on hand, you pick the quantity and select what you
     want to offer in your business with SMC
  5. SMC offers you over 3000 products at or bellow wholesale prices (sell up to a
     300% profit)

The product line consist of quality gift oriented items, collectibles like figurines, fountains, clocks, as well as general merchandise, and they have over 3000 products to pick from and they keep adding new products all the time. They also offer seasonal items for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas,Easter, and Saint Patric's Day

IF you are looking for a proven at home opportunity or business with a proven track record with the opportunity to sell both online and off line.This is a great time to get started with the Holiday Season just around the corner.

With a real quality product line that has proven itself in making a lot of people thousands of dollars a month.

Getstarted now get your FREE SMC Information Here

You have nothing to loose give yourself the chance. When You become a member do not worry you have a NO RISK 30-DAY MONEY BACK Guaranty


Get started on your financial dream with SMC Home Business today!

There are companies out there with very similar names so when you are talking about SMC make sure it is the real SMC, Specialty Merchandise Corporation, and not a sound alike company some of them have a very pour reputation.

To Your Financial Success
Nancy Nikolauson
Splendid to Home

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